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The ID-press system

Description : This machine is most energy efficient and cost effective method of producing high-dry solids in cake form, with and extremely high degree of clarity in the liquid effluent. Our machine is made for extremely hard using by heavy fabricated steel. Precision hydraulic closing system is pneumatically operated with no electrical components. The energy saving and safety benefits are outstanding. Only volumes of in-plant compressed air are required for operation. The ID press can also be supplied with removable distance piece, which allows for future expansion. Leak-free operation is assured with ID-press. The standard gasket, polypropylene recessed chamber plated are center feed, four corner discharge type that are corrosion resistant and superior in performance. The filter cloths is held in place by a caulking cord driven into a groove located around the outer perimeter of the plate recess. Gaskets around the sealing surface and ports of each plate provide a liquid tight seal when the press is closed.

Air blow-down : The air blow-down manifold consists of piping and valves connecting the four corner filtrate discharge ports into a common discharge pipe. By closing all the valves, including the feed line valve, air is introduced into an upper filter port. The air is forced to pass from the back side of the cloth through the cake through the opposite cloth and then out the lower opposite port with the excess water. In addition to removing the excess water, back blowing with air ( air blown-down ), loosens the filter cake and will slightly improve cake dryness.

How to select the proper size of ID-press

Machine types and sizes

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